Select a dental plan
that's just right for you,

With No Insurance Company Hassles

The Oregon Dental Care PlanEnroll Now - Only $4 Per Month!

Comprehensive Dental Care With No Fine Print Exclusions

Members have no procedure restrictions with the Oregon Dental Care Plan – zero! In contrast, dental insurance companies impose numerous procedure restrictions on you – like only one paid cleaning per year, not paying for preventive sealants, or paying only for unsightly silver/mercury fillings. The Oregon Dental Care Plan even covers dental implants and braces for adults and children. Completely eliminate dental insurance companies (and their ridiculous "fine print" restrictions) by choosing the Oregon Dental Care Plan.

 Unlimited Preventive Care
Protects You And Your Family Better

Members Enjoy Freedom Of Choice

Oregon Dental Care provides all your primary dental care needs. Members receive unrestricted preventive care and restorative care, unlike virtually all traditional dental insurance plans.

Can be better than dental insurance

The Oregon Dental Care Plan totally eliminates the expensive 10%-30% cost structure that insurance companies must charge to run their operations. The Oregon Dental Care Plan also gives members the same preferred provider discount fee schedule that insurance companies negotiate with their providers. This means you save 40% to 60% compared to buying individual dental insurance.

Unlimited preventive care that works

Each Plan member receives unlimited preventive care at up to a 50% discount. Prevention is the key to saving thousands of dollars and eliminating the pain and lost time associated with decay and gum disease.